CQC Rating

At Honey Lane Care Home we are committed to providing high quality care that is effective and responsive, delivered by an expert team that is well-led and supported in an environment that is safe and secure enabling residents to enjoy a better quality of life.

Here is what the Care Quality Commission (CQC) said about our home:

  • We asked the people living in and visiting about the home and the staff members working there. They all commented how caring and friendly staff were. Comments included, “Overall I cannot fault them,” and, “I am pretty happy here.”
  • Visiting relatives told us, “These people are natural carers. This is an exceptional place. [My relative] was anxious at home and now the anxiety has left,” and “[They] are all lovely – they will do anything you ask. They are very understanding,” and “Staff are very patient.”
  • We saw numerous examples of the staff being patient and kind towards the people who used the service.
  • Staff greeted people with a smile, made eye contact when talking to people and used positive touch to connect with, or reassure people throughout the day. It was obvious from our observations, that staff were familiar with people’s needs, preferences and were responsive to how people were feeling as well as their physical care needs, ensuring reassurance was given when needed. This supported people’s wellbeing.
  • The Chef supported staff to serve the meal at lunchtime and had an excellent understanding of people’s needs and preferences.
  • Throughout our inspection we saw examples of privacy and dignity being upheld.
  • Relatives also told us that they felt welcomed at the home. One relative told us, “They make our family feel very welcome, as we turn up at any time.” A relative told us, “They know who you are and they go out of their way to make you feel at home.”
  • People’s health needs were well catered for. People were complimentary about the care and kindness demonstrated by the staff team. Staff were knowledgeable about individual’s needs and preferences and people were involved in the planning of their care where they were able.
  • There was very positive feedback from a GP via the professional’s form, “The best care of any nursing or care home that I have ever visited.”
  • People, relatives, visitors and healthcare professionals all described the management of the service as open and approachable.
  • People and relatives we spoke with told us they felt comfortable and safe when supported with their care. Observations made during the inspection visit showed they were comfortable in the company of staff supporting them. One person who lived in the home told us, “I feel perfectly safe.” A relative told us, “People are very safe here.”
  • It was clear from our observations that people trusted the staff and management team. One staff member told us, “It is a big family, everyone is happy and it is a nice environment to work in.”

Our home manager, Karen Dean is here to help you and your family.
If you have a care enquiry please contact Karen on: 01992 800 138.
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