Author: Saint

  • Ainsley Harriott inspires Honey Lane chefs

    Chefs Ermina Avdagic and Cath Holland joined celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott at the launch of a remarkable new cookery book, specially developed for Honey Lane.

  • The Remarkable Story of Doris

    As an award-winning care provider, we know it is possible to live well with dementia and have a purposeful and meaningful life.

  • Mayor Completes Giant Sensory Wall

    Making a difference at Honey Lane with a new sensory experience

  • Fabulous Soups and Sandwiches with the Great British Chefs

    Our chefs at Honey Lane gain inspiration at a workshop run by Great British Chefs

  • Heart of Gold Awards 2016

    Sara Kite is nominated as this year’s Heart of Gold Ambassador at Honey Lane Care Home.

  • ‘Hydration Sensation’ Tea Party Wins Food Challenge

    Ainsley Harriott visits Honey Lane to present prize