Lifestyle Support & Activities A comprehensive range of social activities to suit a variety of interests and hobbies

We have a dedicated activities team who are there to invite, encourage and assist our residents to feel vital, active and useful.  How you live your life on a daily basis is important to us, so we plan lifestyle activities in the home around you. From the arts to wellbeing, we aim to keep both mind and body active as we know keeping stimulated boosts a sense of usefulness and accomplishment for those living with dementia.

For this reason we initiate satisfying activities both inside and outside of the home.  We have shaped relationships with the local community who spend time and engage with our residents, as our residents appreciate feeling part of the community.  We regularly visit places of interest including nearby Waltham Abbey, shopping at Waltham Cross Pavilion for tea and cakes in the Bistro, as well as the local garden centres and we regularly meet local schools and churches.

The key is that the activities are very much led by the residents, what they need and what they want to do and whatever improves their quality of life and nurtures their spirit.  Of course, not everyone wants to be involved in the big events, so our dedicated activities team spend time, every day with resident’s on a one to one basis as well as organising small activities, such as reading, listening to set pieces of music, encouraging them to reminisce using rummage boxes and their own photographs as prompts creating content feelings of improving overall wellbeing.  Friends and families are encouraged to become part of life at the home and are welcome to visit and join in any time.

Whatever level of dementia care you need everyone can enjoy a varied and fun life at Honey Lane Care Home.

Regular weekly activities in the home include:

  • Seated fitness class
  • Music for Health
  • Movie Screenings
  • Singing Group
  • Home baking and cake biscuit decorating
  • Arts and crafts
  • Schools visits
  • Church service and bible readings
  • Reminiscence sessions
  • Pampering treatments
  • Outings to local places of interest

The activities programme at Honey Lane is created to meet the needs of all its residents. Many residents at Honey Lane find music therapeutic, nurturing the spirit enabling people to feel calm and relaxed.  There is never a quiet week at Honey Lane Care Home!  Patricia age 72 used to be a singer on the stage and her room is full of her life’s memories.  She loves to dress up and when the entertainers come in she will take centre stage reminiscing about her happy life and the team always encourages her to sing and enjoy every moment resulting in her feeling calm and content for the rest of the day.

Roger age 65 has been at Honey Lane for over three years and also loves music. He had been in a band in his younger years, but never liked to dance.  He and his wife hand only ever shared one slow dance together at their wedding.  Whilst his dementia progressed, Roger’s passion for music changed and he began to find comfort in dancing with others in the home.  With the care team’s gentle encouragement he and his wife shared many more slow dances together, moments that both of them cherished.  The joy and happiness of the home, with the encouragement and patience of the care team meant that Roger and his wife had some new memories that were meaningful to them both.