Four simple ways you can help a loved one living with dementia

Ahead of her November information seminar, Dementia specialist, Anne McKenzie, shares some simple tips which can have a big impact.

At Honey Lane Care Home we understand that it can feel overwhelming caring for a family member living with dementia. However, there are many things you can do as a family member or friend to support, encourage and reassure your loved one following a diagnosis of dementia.

Maintain a daily routine

Where it’s safe, don’t rush to take over the every day activities of normal life. By encouraging your loved one to continue as active a lifestyle as possible, whether that’s keeping up with hobbies or completing the daily crossword, you will boost their self-esteem and ultimately their confidence.

Make time to exercise

The mental health benefits of daily exercise are well-known, and while it may not be possible to take part in outdoor activity due to limited mobility, if you have a garden make full use of it or follow online tutorials for gentle seated workouts. Even a simple daily walk will keep muscles strong, help with restlessness and aid sleep.

Simplify your language

Over time, those living with dementia will struggle to remember words or keep up with conversations, so try speaking slower or using simple sentences. Where possible, avoid contradicting your loved one if they become confused as this will only cause frustration. When words become difficult a person will naturally begin to use their behaviour as a language, so learn to read, not dismiss, the subtle signs.

Enjoy the present

Whilst dementia can take years to progress, it’s natural to worry about what the future might hold. Getting expert advice and support early on means you’ll have plenty of time to make important decisions and feel confident in your choices, freeing you to enjoy the present moment with the ones you love.

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