Honey Lane Team Given Insight Into Residents’ Lives On Virtual Dementia Bus

The team at a specialist residential dementia care home in Waltham Abbey have had an ‘eye-opening’ insight into the lives of their residents thanks to a visit from a Virtual Dementia Bus.

Ever wonder what it’s like to experience dementia? Caring for someone with dementia can be a difficult, emotional and confusing experience and here at Honey Lane we are devoted to providing the best care for people with dementia and support for their families.

As a specialist dementia care centre, here at Honey Lane on Margherita Road in Waltham Abbey we provide bespoke care in a 38-bed home.

So, when we were given the opportunity to physically experience some of the challenges their residents live with every day – we couldn’t wait to get onboard (literally) with the initiative.

The Virtual Dementia Bus is adapted to offer a fully immersive experience for those who want to understand what it is really like to live with the disease – gloves, glasses and a rand of sensory challenges all provide a glimpse of how it feels to perform regular tasks when you have dementia.

While residents enjoyed some light refreshments and entertainment at ‘Tess’ Dementia Cafe; in Harlow our Honey Lane team and residents’ families hopped on the bus to stop some of the misconceptions around dementia.

It was an eye opening day and our enhanced understanding will help us continue our journey as the go-to care home for the very best in dementia care.

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